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Spanish tapas with

a South African twist

Locally Sourced × Crafted with Love

Located in Cape Town, we at Fork serve contemporary tapas, an evolution of the old and still existing Spanish ways, a spirit of sharing smaller plates of food and a culinary sensation of experiencing different tastes all in the same meal.

Fork’s concept is for cool, young siblings and the real foodies of this world as it offers ultimate flexibility, informal dining, bite-sized portions, reasonable prices and the chance to switch at the turn of a heel from traditional to modern cuisine."



021 424 6334

021 424 6098



84 Long Street
Cape Town
South Africa 



Monday to Saturday

12 noon till 11 pm

Please note hours may vary due to operational requirements



Call 021 424 6334 / 021 424 6098 or fill in the form below

(Online reservations must be done before 16:00 otherwise please call directly to reserve a table)

Please note - we are closed on Sundays and reservations are not possible

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