"Their passion drives our exceptional quality,” says owner of FORK, Ed Saunders, of his international team. “Words do none of them justice,” he continues before revealing the real goings on behind the kitchen door where his chefs craft their culinary magic while managing the daily operation. Meanwhile training staff, placing ingredient orders, checking purchases and tasting dishes is the role of General Manager Gen Jurgens.

I opened Fork in January 2005 with my then business partner JD Haasbroek. We found it very hard work to start with as then Tapas was not a well-known concept in Cape Town. Gradually more and more people started to understand the concept, so then we tweaked it and made it more Pinchos than Tapas.
Also, Long Street was not safe in those days, so we had to convince people to come back to Long Street and try something new.
We have now (nearly) reached our landmark of 10 years and I have just spent some money on a refurbishment. I hope that you will try Fork and Knife (www.knife-restaurants.co.za) for that matter.
Enjoy your Pinchos!

-Ed Saunders, Owner of both KNIFE and FORK